Friday, June 5, 2009



Right, okay. Now that we've got that out of the way, we can move on.
The first post is always the hardest, right?

(1) How (or even why) should I introduce myself?
Maybe it's beyond me, for now. I guess probably I'm hoping that through most subsequent posts, I'll be able to introduce myself in an ongoing manner.

(2) What will the posts of this BLOGZORGOMFG going to filled with?
Reviews, musings, idiosynchrosies, rants, retro/pro/intro/intra/self in and as many other 'spections' as I'm able to later come up with. Pretty common, yeah?

(3) What do I hope the above will accomplish?
I think my hopes are directly dependent on the kind of outlet this ends up providing me, if it decides to provide one at all. We'll hold off here, then.

(4) Why the name?
Social graces haven't ever been anything I've been able to get a firm handle on. It's difficult being white, lanky and 6'2" without inadvertently flailing. I'm unsure I ever plan on mastering my own arms and facial expressions.

(5) Pretenses, here or elsewhere?

Let's end this one with a mysterious picture of myself, to get the masses riled up and begging for more.

Did it work?


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